It is by paying close attention to the thoughts and ideas of individuals who are far more intelligent than myself that I attempt to learn from them and thereby improve my own condition. -jh

Truth is absolute
Truth is independent
Truth is unaffected by my preferences

Truth Matters

Strive to make truth your closest friend
and constant companion.

If you enjoy having sincere, thoughtful and occasionally accurate analysis censored by shallow-thinking leftist liberals, then you should continue to enjoy your mainstream social media platforms.

“Alas, how many have been persecuted for the wrong of having been right?”

—Jean-Baptiste Say, An Economist in Troubled Times: Writings Selected and Translated by R. R. Palmer
(Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1997), p. 154

What appears below are brief, summarized comments on selected topics. In the future, this website may attempt to provide deeper and more thoughtful commentary on these issues. An entire book could be written on each of these topics; the material is endless.

Sometimes we have a very strong personal opinion about an issue and we set about to either blatantly ignore facts or attempt to manipulate the information in an effort to force truth to be on our side. We should instead evaluate the evidence and factual information and then, making an informed decision, choose to be on the side of truth.

Random Thoughts
Random Comments

■■■ Political Correctness – Why do so many people think that it is acceptable to be less than fully honest and truthful? Truth should determine what is acceptable and what is not – rather than a concern that someone may dislike the statement or somehow be offended by that truth. If a person is uncomfortable with truth, perhaps that individual should reevaluate his/her position and values. Truth should be acceptable; a truthful statement must always be recognized as correct – even politically correct.

■■■ Reality – “…reality is very politically incorrect — especially harsh on the blank-slate ideology preferred by the current academic elite.” – Wilfred Reilly

■■■ Reality in layman’s terms: Reality is a bitch.

■■■ Gay Pride – Is being gay something that an individual should be proud about? If it is acceptable for an individual to be proud of being gay, it follows then that it is also acceptable for a different individual to be proud of being strait.

“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.” – Thomas Sowell

■■■ Marriage – A growing number of gay couples insist on being married while a growing number of strait couples choose to not be married – even when having children and starting a family. This makes no sense- I don’t care where you’re from.

■■■ Question: – Does “the hand that rocks the cradle” bear a measure of responsibility for the outcome?

■■■ Parenting Advice from Esther Wojcicki – Author of How to raise successful people : simple lessons for radical results, London : Hutchinson, 2019.
“Here’s a wake-up call for American parents: We are doing too much for our kids… Don’t do anything for your kids that they can do for themselves… That worked out for my daughters. All three grew up to be highly successful: Susan is the CEO of YouTube, Janet is a doctor, and Anne is the co-founder and CEO of 23andMe. They rose to the top of competitive, male-dominated professions.” – Esther Wojcicki

When you help your children– despite your good intentions– you are doing long-term harm by disempowering them. A mindset of independence, self-reliance, personal responsibility and personal accountability is the most valuable and lasting gift you can give your child. The more you help your child, the more likely that the end result will be an individual who is intellectually weak, remains unfulfilled and perpetually dependent upon others.

May your child grow up to be fiercely independent and always reluctant to accept help from others.

■■■ Personal Achievement – “There are many who find a good alibi far more attractive than an achievement. For an achievement does not settle anything permanently. We still have to prove our worth anew each day: we have to prove that we are as good today as we were yesterday. But when we have a valid alibi for not achieving anything we are fixed, so to speak, for life.”
-Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind, p. 181.

■■■ Personal Wealth – It is human nature to want to improve our present condition, to rarely feel completely satisfied, and to always “want more”. This innate desire is not necessarily evil- it has driven the progress and improvement of civilizations for centuries. For most individuals it seems that there is never enough; people seldom actually feel wealthy. Many criteria and various statistics have been postulated to identify and categorize whether or not an individual qualifies as being “rich”. Probably the most accurate way to determine your own level of wealth or “richness” is to ask this question:

Do you work for your money, or does your money work for you?

■■■ “Diligence is the mother of good fortune…”
-Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote

■■■ Free Will and the Power of Choice – The power of choice may be one of the least appreciated and yet it remains one of the most powerful forces in existence. Throughout earth’s history, choices made by a single individual have influenced the trajectory and the destiny of entire civilizations. Realizing that there are exceptions, the present condition in which one finds himself today is primarily the cumulative result of his own personal and individual choices/decisions made in the past. Understand this: The life you are living today is the one which you have chosen for yourself through a lifetime of choices. In the final analysis you can truly say, just like Frank, you did it your way.

Luck and good fortune usually smile more broadly on individuals who apply themselves than on those who do not. Taking the easier road through life yields a much lower ROI.

“I Told You So”
Drawing in pencil by Ted Bair
used with permission

■■■ Sexual Gender and Power of Choice – As powerful as it is, the power of choice does have a few limitations; there are certain things which you simply do not possess the ability to choose- two of which are:
1. Your biological parents
2. Your sexual gender

Sexual gender is a biological designation- not a psychological one. Sexual gender is not determined by how an individual “feels” or by what an individual “wants to be”. Sexual gender is a biological distinction determined solely by empirical physical and verifiable scientific evidence. The scientific sex determination method uses chromosomal DNA to classify sex in mammals. In this system, unless one suffers from a chromosomal disorder, the sex of an individual can be determined by examining the pairing of the X and Y sex chromosomes:
XY chromosome pairing = male
YY chromosome pairing = female

Once again, for some people, reality is a bitch.

Question: If I believe that I can choose my own sexual gender, which of the following is correct:
a) I should flunk a basic biology course
b) I should seek help from a mental health professional
c) both (a) and (b) are correct


Something bothers me.
Well, a lot of things do, actually, this is just one of them.
This is me some years ago:

I have aged. I have changed.
Will the Liberal Left support and defend me if
today I choose to self-identify as a black lesbian?
Why or why not?

Is the answer based upon truth, science and reality?
Should it be?
A response to this question has far-reaching implications.


According to empirical observation I am about 5′ 6″ tall. But what if I really wish that my body were 6′ 3″ tall? How about I just identify as being 6′ 3″ tall. Shouldn’t I be able to get the DMV to indicate my height=6′ 3″ on my driver license? Oh, and while I am busy imagining my own reality, perhaps I can get them to identify my weight as the weight I would prefer to be rather than the number of pounds that the scales actually indicate.

Astonishing: In January 2023, St. Philip’s Community College in San Antonio, Texas, fired one of its biology professors, Dr. Johnson Varkey, for teaching his students that sex was determined by X and Y chromosomes.

When teaching the human reproductive system, Dr. Varkey stated that human sex is determined by chromosomes X and Y, and that reproduction must occur between a male and a female to continue the human species. In the course of teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology, Dr. Varkey has made these science-based statements in every class for more than 20 years, without incident or complaint.

But, on November 28, 2022, four of Varkey’s students walked out of his class when he stated that sex was determined by X and Y chromosomes, just as he had dozens of times before. The disgruntled students complained to college administration which resulted in Dr. Varkey’s dismissal.

Dr. Varkey had been teaching science-based Human Anatomy and Physiology at St. Philip’s College for 22 years. St. Philips fired Dr. Varkey for teaching basic, fact-based and widely accepted biological science. Now that an increasing number of cultural elites are at odds with the truthfulness of these ideas, the school no longer supports professors who teach them.

Male is Male (XY)
Female is Female (YY)

■■■ Transgenderism – According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, transgenderism refers to the broad spectrum of people who transiently or persistently identify with a gender different from their natal sex.

■■■ Human Beings – Human Beings themselves are an invasive species, and like parasites are spreading, polluting and devastating this planet. Humans have a confirmed history of destroying anything that lies in their path. Sadly, there are too many humans on earth- 8 billion of them; all of nature groans under the weight of this burden. Biodiversity suffers. Continued global human population growth is not wise and will not end well.
Approximate world population right now:

More than 1,000 humans die every hour from starvation and hunger-related causes. According the the United Nations, “Hunger and under-nutrition are the greatest threats to public health, killing more people than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Each day, 25,000 people, including more than 10,000 children, die from hunger and related causes. Some 854 million people worldwide are estimated to be undernourished, and high food prices may drive another 100 million into poverty and hunger.” Click here for UN Chronicle article: “Losing 25,000 to Hunger Every Day”.

■■■  Pro-Choice – I am pro-choice, very pro-choice: I believe that a female should be able to choose whether or not she is willing to become pregnant and have a baby. It’s all about her own choice and her own decision. BUT, the time for her to make that decision and that choice is BEFORE she chooses to engage in unprotected sex. Once she has become pregnant, that is the decision and the choice which she has already made.

■■■ Taxes – Occasionally, certain groups are targeted and publicly accused by politicians of not “paying their fair share” of income taxes. Let me explain to you the actual truth (it’s simple math): The 61.1% of households who did not pay any income tax in 2020 are in fact the ones who are not “paying their fair share”.

Using adjusted Internal Revenue Service (IRS) data to include households that do not file tax returns and fewer filing households paying income tax, we arrive at a preliminary estimate of 61.1 percent of households not paying income tax in 2020…
– source:

In addition to funding a number social programs like Medicare and Medicaid, Federal Income Tax secures freedom for every American- it pays for our national defense- the U.S. military (Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines etc.) as well as funding numerous other national security programs and expenditures.
Everyone benefits.
Everyone should pay.
Simple Truth. Simple Logic.
If everyone would pay a little, no one would have to pay a lot.

U.S. National Debt:

national debt

An astonishing number of U.S. citizens are not net taxpayers. For those individuals who are taxpayers and are actually paying the bills, this government has burdened them with an additional ¼ of a million dollars of debt per actual taxpayer! This is madness. One of Merriam-Webster’s definitions of tyranny is: oppressive, harsh, or unjust. This may qualify…

■■■ Welfare – “I have never understood why it is “greed” to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else’s money.” – Thomas Sowell

“What the welfare system and other kinds of government programs are doing is paying people to fail. Insofar as they fail, they receive the money. Insofar as they succeed, even to a moderate extent, the money is taken away.” – Thomas Sowell

■■■ The Democratic Party Platform – (as I see it being implemented)

While not all Democrats are horse thieves, all horse thieves are Democrats. (-attributed to Warren Delano)

■■■ Politicians are far more generous with other people’s money than with their own.

Side Note: While I recognize the short-sighted ignorance that permeates the Liberal Left and the Democratic Party, I am NOT a member of the Republican Party either. Both major political parties are tragically defective.

■■■ Big Government – “The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases. The two enemies of the people are criminals and government…” – Thomas Jefferson

“The government is not the solution to our problem. The government is the problem.” – Ronald Reagan

■■■ Capitalism – If you truly understand capitalism, you will recognize its profound value to everyone. While some boats may be larger than others, everyone’s boat floats higher on the waters of capitalism. Capitalism encourages and rewards independent thinking, personal initiative, personal achievement and innovation. Socialism and socialistic policies produce nominal achievement and dependency on others.

If socialism could be taken to a court of law, placed on trial and forced to reveal itself before an impartial jury reviewing all of the historical evidence, it would be convicted beyond reasonable doubt of inflicting significant harm. The body of evidence is insurmountable.

■■■ Poverty and the failure of socialist economic policies – Here is the simple truth: Socialism increases poverty. Socialistic-styled policies are an economic disaster. Cities with socialist economic policies are plagued with crime, social unrest, poverty and bankrupt local municipal budgets. Whether a city or an independent sovereign nation, when governed by socialistic economic policies, there is plenty of poverty to go around. Socialistic economic policies do not allow the benefits of a free market economy to be fully realized. An unfettered free market economy is the most efficient and most effective way to allocate, utilize and distribute limited resources which have alternative uses to maximize benefit to the most people. It was a free market economy functioning within the framework of capitalism that initially made the United States so prosperous and attractive that it became an immigration magnet for much of the rest of the world. Even our most disadvantaged citizens became far better off in their daily lives than the majority of those living under socialistic economic structures elsewhere.

Capitalism and a free-market economy attempt to provide equal opportunity to everyone. What many people fail to understand is that equal opportunity is not the same as equal outcomes. Socialism attempts to legislate equal outcomes- a scenario which has repeatedly demonstrated that this policy brings harm to everyone- including those it claims to help.

■■■ Socialism – “Socialism has made everyday existence a living hell nearly everywhere it has been tried.” – Dinesh D’Souza

■■■ Socialism – “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.” – Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill

Why has the economic failure of dozens of Socialist regimes all over the world failed to discourage todays proponents of Socialism?

For a slightly more balanced view:
Socialism vs. Capitalism: What Is the Difference?
-an article by Robert Longley

■■■ The 2008 Economic Crisis – The 2008 financial crisis was the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression of 1929. Don’t blame the banks- no matter what you have been told. The banks did not cause the crisis. Here is the simple truth that was not reported by the media: People who borrowed money, signed their names on loan documents promising to repay in monthly installments but then failed to do so- they caused the crisis, and they are responsible. If each individual had demonstrated integrity by honoring his own personal commitment- repaying the money which he borrowed- there would have been no crisis.

■■■ The stock market – The stock market presents an incredible opportunity for each person. Successful and effective investing has more to do with how you invest your money than with how much money you invest. If you choose to not start your own company, you can become part-owner in any of thousands of companies and share in their successes (and failures). Choose wisely.

■■■ Astonishing – Newsmax Sep 27, 2021:
A teacher in Washington state was ordered to remove a “Thin Blue Line” pro-police flag in her classroom over claims it is a “political symbol,” while messages supporting Black Lives Matter and LGBT Pride flags are allowed in the school.

■■■ Crime Prevention – We have laws, but they are often meaningless. A criminal breaks the law- but it really doesn’t matter- he doesn’t care because he is soon back out on the streets doing what he does. That is why crime is rampant- there are no real and lasting consequences. Attempts to make it difficult to commit a crime have proven unsuccessful. Exhaustive measures which include padlocks, passwords, pin codes, video surveillance and alarm systems all have not produced a low-crime society. We need to deal with the root cause of the problem- the criminal. An individual who commits crimes endangers everyone’s freedom, safety and security. Criminals should be dealt with harshly and swiftly; let the punishment of a few serve as a warning to the many. The law-abiding citizens of society must no longer tolerate high crime rates as the norm. Actions should be taken, however severe and unpleasant they may be, to put an end to this insanity.

“…mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent…”
Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, p. 170.

Question: What do you get when you are soft on crime?
Acknowledge the empirical evidence. Look at Chicago, San Francisco, Portland or any other major city governed by Democrats with liberal soft-on-crime policies. How’s that working out? Do you have eyes? Do you have ears? Can you think and reason? Be real. Be honest. Willful ignorance and dishonesty annoy the hell out of me.

Think about…
► a stupid person refuses to learn.
► a smart person will learn from his own mistakes.
► a wise person is able to learn from the mistakes of others.

■■■ Freedom and Criminal Justice – How important is freedom anyway? Which is the lesser of two evils: Is it better to remove freedoms from society or instead remove aberrant individuals who abuse society’s freedoms?

■■■ Capital Punishment – Unfortunate, but regretfully, appropriate. Capital Punishment is appropriate for low-life cowards who commit the following crimes:
1. Murder
2. Cruelty to animals
3. Attempted murder
4. Drive-by shootings
5. Ransomware attack
6. Human trafficking
7. Drug trafficking
8. Acts of terror
9. Identity theft

■■■  The War on Drugs – The term “War on Drugs” was made popular after a speech given on June 18, 1971 by then President Richard Nixon. Now, more than 50 years later, the Drug Policy Alliance estimates that the United States is currently spending $51,000,000,000 annually on these initiatives. Do you think this is working? Can you identify a less costly and more effective approach to solve the problem? (hint: If you declare war, you had better be willing to inflict casualties.)

■■■ Motor Vehicle Turn Indicators – When operating a motor vehicle, all 50 states require the use of directional signals to indicate intention to turn, change lanes or pass a vehicle. The details differ, but their goal remains the same: Provide a safe and orderly driving environment. Don’t be a sloppy, undisciplined driver – use your turn signals even if you think no one is watching. It is possible that there may be someone nearby of whom you are unaware. Driving routine and driver distractions compromise spatial awareness. Do you think that a pilot who is piloting his aircraft should perform proper and disciplined procedures only when he thinks someone might be watching? If all individuals would bring proper procedure, regimented discipline and thoughtful precision to their personal driving habits, there would be far fewer motor vehicle accidents. Lives would be saved; insurance rates could plummet. Cultivate the habit of sharing your intentions with fellow motorists. Use your turn signals; it’s the polite thing to do- it’s the sensible thing to do- and it’s the law.

Florida Statute, Section 316.155 describes when a signal is required in the Sunshine State:
“(1) No person may turn a vehicle from a direct course or move right or left upon a highway unless and until such movement can be made with reasonable safety, and then only after giving an appropriate signal in the manner hereinafter provided…”
“(2) A signal of intention to turn right or left must be given continuously during not less than the last 100 feet traveled by the vehicle before turning…”

Laymen’s language:
If turning left, signal in advance by using your blinker.
If turning right, signal in advance by using your blinker.
If changing lanes, signal in advance by using your blinker.

■■■ Suicide: the taking of one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally. If you are reading this paragraph, one day in the past you were born, and one day in the future, you will die. You had no choice regarding when you entered this world; now that you are here however, you do have the ability to choose when you leave. Don’t allow anyone to tell you differently. At the time of this writing, capital punishment is authorized in 27 states, by the federal government and by the U.S. military. Does it make sense to you that a government employee can decide when someone should die but an individual is not allowed to make that decision for himself?

■■■ Election/Voter ID Reform – Let’s take a brief moment to address elections. First, let’s agree that everyone is in favor of fair elections and that every legitimate vote should be counted. For purposes of this discussion, let’s assume we are going to participate in an election to select the next president for the United States of America. I remind you, the President of The United States may be the most powerful person on the planet. The President controls the entire nuclear arsenal of this country and has the power to quickly alter or destroy most life on Earth. The President can, at his (or her) discretion at any time and within moments, launch nuclear weapons of such number, power and magnitude that most (if not all) life might be destroyed (taking into account the certainty of retaliatory strikes coupled with the downstream effects of radiation and nuclear winter). We are talking about a potential event which would affect 8 billion human beings, along with all other life forms currently in existence on Earth. When I place my vote, I am selecting the individual who will be granted this unimaginable power and control. Does it make sense to you that I can select this individual (essentially handing him the keys to destroy all life on planet earth) without properly identifying myself, while at the same time I am required to produce a valid photo ID and perhaps even a trip to the “naked-machine” before I am allowed to go visit grandma in Omaha for Christmas? Really?

Brian Cox is professor of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester.

■■■ The Dunning-Kruger effect- The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias whereby people with low ability, expertise, or experience tend to overestimate their ability or knowledge. As it turns out, the reverse is also true: Very intelligent individuals often tend to underestimate their true potential. Apparently, the more a person knows, the more aware he becomes of how much he doesn’t know. Studies reveal that individuals at both ends of the spectrum tend to believe that they are more “average” or “normal” than they actually are.

■■■ The United States Constitution – Written in English using simple words and clear statements. Read it and decide for yourself.

Click here to read PDF eBook:
“Defending The Constitution”

“We have a great dream. It started way back in 1776, and God grant that America will be true to her dream.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

■■■ Gun Control – The Truth:
Gun Control Laws are prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.
If Gun Control Laws prevent violent crime, Chicago is Mayberry.

An honest person will acknowledge facts; an individual with less integrity and/or less intelligence may ignore facts, giving preference instead to preconceived and possibly misguided ideologies. Gun control legislation in any form violates the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. Period. It really is that simple. If you remain confused (as do so many) regarding what the Constitution says and what it actually means, I encourage you to read/study not only the Constitution itself, but also the Federalist Papers along with the many other comments on this topic from our Founding Fathers (you know, the guys who were present at the time and participated in the Constitutional debates when the document was adopted and ratified).

Click here for more on Gun Control.

■■■ Background Checks –
It is appropriate to perform background checks on individuals desiring to exercise the freedom to purchase and own a firearm. Known felons, drug dealers and drug addicts should be disqualified from participating in this freedom. The same scrutiny and qualification standards should be applied to:

  1. Individuals wishing to immigrate to the United States
  2. Individuals wishing to receive public assistance funds
  3. Individuals wishing to vote for a candidate seeking public office

■■■ Education – Educate vs. Indoctrinate.
Teach students how to think – not what to think.

■■■ British Royalty: Wealth, Fame, Power and Privilege – A surprising number of British citizens- a clear majority- support the British Monarch System. Shouldn’t it seem odd to a thinking individual that certain members of a societal group are provided special rank and special privilege based entirely upon who mommy and daddy are? From the moment of birth, members of the British Royal Family are treated as though they are superior to others and are afforded special rank and special privilege based only upon bloodline DNA- with little regard placed upon personal achievement. What a scam. The fundamental underlying principles that support the British Monarch System are the very same principles that have allowed discrimination and racism to exist in other forms throughout history.

■■■ Racism, slavery and related historical monuments–

■■■ Critical Race Theory – Marxism promotes socialism, fueled primarily by class struggle. At its core, “Critical Race Theory” is identity-based Marxism. UCLA Law Professor and critical race theorist Cheryl Harris has proposed suspending private property rights, seizing land and wealth and redistributing them along racial lines. Does this sound like blatant racism driven by greed and envy?

Cheryl Harris
UCLA Law Professor

Critical Race Theory separates individuals by race and teaches that concepts such as being on time, hard work and literacy are products of “white values” and should be rejected by minorities. How intelligent can you be when you suggest that someone should reject a good idea or value simply because someone with different color skin implemented it first?

■■■ Labor Unions – Characterized by herd mentality and corruption. (I know, I know, I know… a lot of people don’t like truthful statements.)

■■■ Public Sector Labor Unions – Public Sector Labor Unions contribute more to the tax burden than most realize. If left unchecked, this inappropriate drain on the taxpayer may become unsustainable. Here is a novel concept that most employers have had to implement in order to survive: If you don’t continue to come to work, you don’t continue to get paid. Do you think that all employers should have the power to simply raise taxes on the public taxpayer in order to continue to give money to former employees?


■■■ Illegal immigration resulting from open borders = Lawlessness,
■■■ Secure borders and legal immigration = Respect for Law
■■■ Benefits of Secure borders:
►America is more secure
►U.S. citizens are at less risk
►Decreases crime rates
►Helps prevent/reduce terrorists and criminals from entering
►Helps prevent/reduce illegal drug trafficking
►Helps prevent/reduce human trafficking
►Helps prevent/reduce child sex trafficking
►Helps control high economic/fiscal costs
►Helps prevent the creation and propagation of an isolated underclass
►… Other benefits not delineated above

■■■ With Open Borders…
►Illegal immigration undermines legal immigration
►America is less secure
►U.S. citizens are placed at unnecessary risk
►Crime rates increase
►Terrorists and all manner of criminals enjoy unfettered access
►A readily available conduit for illegal drug trafficking thrives
►A readily available conduit for human trafficking exists
►A readily available conduit for child sex trafficking exists
►High economic/fiscal costs are passed on to U.S. Taxpayers
►The creation of an isolated underclass becomes unavoidable
►Think about it…

President Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and becoming an AMERICAN:
“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
-President Theodore Roosevelt 1907

A hyphenated American is not an American.

“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”
-President Ronald Reagan

■■■ Here’s the thing…
   ►I am retired and have considered moving to Paris
   ►I have read that certain parts of Mexico and some coastal areas of Portugal are also good places to retire
   ►If I choose to move to Mexico, I will:
        1. Obey and honor Mexico’s immigration laws
        2. Learn to speak Mexican Spanish
   ►If I choose to move to Portugal, I will:
        1. Obey and honor Portugal’s immigration laws
        2. Learn to speak Portuguese
   ►If I choose to move to Paris, I will:
        1. Obey and honor French immigration laws
        2. Learn to speak French
          Do you think that this would be the ethical/right thing to do?
          Let me answer that for you: “OUI“.

■■■ Merriam-Webster definition of radical (adjective)
3c: associated with political views, practices, and policies of extreme change

■■■ “Kill The Infidel” vs. “Love Your Neighbor” equates to:
■■■Radical Islam” vs. “Radical Christianity” – Think of it as radically devout Muslims who fully subscribe to the ideals of Islamic Fundamentalism and are willing to give up everything for their faith vs. radically devout Christians who fully subscribe to the ideals of Christian Fundamentalism and are willing to give up everything for their faith. The contrast is significant. But there is so much more.


Islamic Jihadis
Modern Radical Islam

in Action
Mother Teresa
Modern Radical Christianity

in Action

Sometimes a picture is in fact worth a thousand words.